Becoming a Partner

Please reach out to our partnership team through the "Business Form". We'll evaluate your application and discuss potential collaboration

We seek brands with a unique creative perspective, a passion for innovation, and an alignment with our brand ethos. You can find out more here

We offer a range of marketing materials and collaborate on co-marketing initiatives to boost brand visibility. Our marketing experts work closely with partners to develop tailored strategies, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence in the market.

Join Heimat Perfumer Network

Connect with our perfumery team through the "Business Form". We evaluate applications and discuss potential collaborations based on shared values and creative vision.

We welcome a diverse range of fragrances. Our team is open to exploring various categories that resonate with Heimat's brand identity.

Custom Fragrance Creation

Yes, we actively engage in creating bespoke fragrances. Contact us to initiate discussions on your custom fragrance proposal.

The process involves initial discussions, creative brainstorming, and collaboration on the fragrance concept. Our team will guide you through each step.

We provide creative guidelines to ensure that the fragrances align with our brand identity while allowing perfumers creative freedom.


We welcome visitors to our Lab! To schedule a visit, please contact our team through our Heimat page. We look forward to showcasing our creative process.

Absolutely! Visit our store for an immersive fragrance testing experience. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through our unique scents, helping you find the perfect fragrance.

Yes, we offer samples! Join our online community activities for a chance to receive exclusive sample gifts. Stay tuned to our community for exciting events and promotions.

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Every day we receive a lot of emails requesting free samples, and we no longer have time to handle such requests. Also, if we send free samples to whoever requests them, it would be very unfair to our customers who pay for them & our contributor to our group.

Currently, our concentration is on the Vietnamese market and we DON'T offer any international shipping.

You can come to our Flagship store or our prestigious retailers near you. Please note that some brands, we only sell them exclusively in our Flagship store, so please check with our consultant team and we always offer FREESHIP within our continent.

All of our products acquire comprehensive paperwork and are imported directly from EU/USA. With the vision of sustainable development, our products are vegan, cruelty-free and recycled packaging, we are proudly to say that we are on SDG 17.